Our promise to you is to NEVER advertise a price online with rebates that you will not qualify for.  Each and every new vehicle advertised online is priced with rebates that are available to everyone!  Please pay special attention to this when shopping other dealers.  A common practice is to include rebates such as Military Rebate, or Lease Cash, or Competitive Owners Bonus Cash.  Dealers do this to lead you to believe that they are offering a lower price.  Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for these rebates, and it leaves people feeling as if they were tricked once they are told by that dealer that they cannot honor their online price.  Be sure to search for their "pricing disclaimer."  Here is will you find all the rebates included in the price.  

I believe that being honest up front is not only the best way to start our relationship, but more importantly, its just the right thing to do.  Our dealer discounts are more aggressive than anyone in town.  If you believe you have found a better price on someone else's website, CALL ME!  Give me the opportunity to work through it with you and find out if it's true....  If it is, we will beat it!