Convenience makes the process of traveling to various destinations in an automobile easier. If you want convenience, you can get it while owning a Grand Caravan as it has storage solutions for luggage, groceries, sporting goods, and more.

The Dodge Grand Caravan has one standout feature that provides convenience on a daily basis, and it's the collapsible seating system. When you need to take a trip with family, the Grand Caravan's normal seating configuration will make the journey convenient for everyone. Each passenger will experience total comfort since every seat has soft cushioning, a firm headrest, and great legroom. If you want to use the Grand Caravan for hauling jobs, you can increase space in its cargo zone by collapsing seats that your passengers aren't using.

There are more convenient features in the Grand Caravan's cabin as well, such as a climate control system and power front seats. You can test these features while visiting Faulkner Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT. After you're done checking out the cabin, we'll give you an opportunity to test drive the vehicle.



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