How Incorrect Tire Pressure Affects Your Ride

If the tire pressure indicator in your vehicle has gone off, don't assume it is the weather affecting the reading, here is why it's so important.

If the pressure reading in the tire is too high, what happens is the tire begins to ride in the center or middle of the tread. That makes it harder to handle the car at high speed, and what is going to happen is the tread down the center will wear much faster. This could also lead to a blowout if not careful.

When you are driving the car, and the tire pressure is too low, the tire treads on the outside are now contacting the road too, increasing heat and friction. This could cause the tire tread to wear unevenly and is another cause of a severe blowout.

Set up a tire rotation appointment at Faulkner Dodge Ram so we can keep close eyes on those tire treads this year.



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