Vibrations: Signs of a Leaking Exhaust System

The exhaust system removes poisonous fumes created by the engine. It disperses the deadly gas safely outside. If the system fails, the gas will move into the passenger’s compartment. There is no odor to this gas, so you will want to know what signs to look for in a leaking system.

If you feel any unusual vibration in the steering wheel, a leaking or rusted pipe could cause it. Rust occurs when the muffler collects water. The water condensates and rust the part. Condensation will dry if the car is running long enough to evaporate it, but drivers that take short trips do not create enough engine heat to dry out the muffler.

Sometimes the brake pedal will start to vibrate. This movement is another sign of possible leaks.

Be aware that any new or unusual vibrations is a warning sign. If you feel a change in the steering wheel or brake pedal, make an appointment as soon as possible with Faulkner Dodge Ram FIAT located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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