Don't Forget to Check on Your Battery

It shouldn't be a surprise that your car's battery is important. The battery powers pretty much everything in your car, from headlights and wipers to radios and the windows. Your car's battery is also essential for starting the engine properly. It's one of the most important components in any vehicle.

Unfortunately, all the work it has to do can be stressful on your battery. Most batteries only last around six years and will inevitably get worn out. This can cause major problems for you if you wait too long to replace it.

There are, fortunately, a few warning signs that can tell you when your battery needs replacing:

  • Your car struggles to turn over when you turn it on.
  • Your headlights aren't as bright and your horn is quieter than it used to be.
  • The battery case looks swollen and emits some bad smells.

When your car starts having these issues, it may be time to come down to the service center at Faulkner Dodge Ram FIAT in the Mechanicsburg, P. We can isolate your problems, and if needed, replace your battery to get you driving again.

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