Tire Rotation : How Important Is It?

It’s important to schedule a tire rotation. Why? Tires tend to wear irregularly. Driving on uneven treads can cause issues such as tire noise vibration in the cab, slower vehicle reaction time to driver, difficulty handling corners, and comfort disturbances for passengers.

While rotating the tires, technicians will check the air pressure requirements and set the pressure. Properly inflated and rotated tires will help to ensure a longer lasting tire, better driver control, and even increase the fuel economy. Any factors that allow the engine to run more efficiently will burn less gas. Not only will tire rotation extend the life of the tires, it can also save fuel.

If tires are showing signs of tread breakdown wear, have the tires inspected by a qualified expert to determine what maybe causing it. Tire manufacturers have recommendations on when tires should be rotated. If you have questions about how often to rotate your tires or they are showing signs of wear, contact the service center at Faulkner Dodge Ram FIAT in Mechanicsburg, PA. Our service team is always happy to help.

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